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AXE Alcohol Stove v1.0

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Here’s how I made my portable alcohol stove out of an empty AXE can…

This is an unpressurized single burner design, if you want to learn more about it or maybe try other designs check the website.

¬†Things you’ll need

  • An empty can (deodorant, soda, or whatever).
  • Sharp scissors
  • Marker and ruler
  • Hammer
  • File
  • Small drill bit
  • Steady hands :)


1. Measure

Take off the cap then draw the lines and dots where you’ll cut and drill holes. Notice that the first line is ~1,5cm away from the bottom, while the second one is ~7cm. I marked 31 hole with 0.5cm spacing.

You can also sand the can to remove the paint if you want. I used a dremel tool to save time.

2. Cut and drill

Drill the holes using a small drill bit, you may need to use a nail and hammer to first mark the holes which makes the drilling a lot easier.

Once you cut the can, file the edges.

3. Assemble

First widen the bottom half, then gently assemble the two pieces using a small hammer. They must fit strongly, this is the tricky part.

Light the fire !

Poor a little amount of alcohol on the sides then a fair amount inside the can through the centeral hole on top. Light up the sides and wait for a few seconds.

AXE alcohol stove v2.0

Instant noodles cooked over my AXE stove v2.0.