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Building a Cheapie FreeNAS Box

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Being tired of burning DVDs and copying files to external HD (which always fails when you least expect it !) I decided to build a NAS.

This blogpost details briefly the building process and the issues I faced (mainly related to the hardware I bought…)

Network Graphing - Proof of Concept

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Recently I’ve been working on a quick and dirty small C program that would generate a DOT file describing connectivity of a real ISP’s IP/MPLS backbone.

Connectivity data was gathered through SNMP and stored on several CSV files (later I’ll have to use a DBMS). LLDP isn’t enabled, so L2 link discovery is actually quite hard…

After lots and lots of attempts tweaking twopi, I could not even get close to what I was expecting in terms of layout:

Reset Quidway® NetEngine40E/80E to Factory Default Settings

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Customer asked for the redeployment of some NE40E used as PEs from one region to another. After installation we found out that they were completely locked (password set on all user interfaces even on the console).

We needed to both reset the routers to factory default configurations and remove the passwords at the same time. One possible solution is to first locate the startup configuration file, then rename it to force the router to boot with the default configuration settings.

Swiggle, a Static Image Gallery Generator

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As you may notice I am using octopress/jekyll to generate the webpages of this blog, so when I tried to share few pics with my family, the natural solution that came to my mind was a static image gallery generator tool… before trying to mess around with bash and ImageMagick, I did a little search and found a nice comparison here.